E pekar


TASK: Brand new digital platform

About the project:

Our client Lesaffre, a global key player in fermentation for nearly 170 years, wanted to create unique custom and tailor made E-platform. 

We proudly present you E-Pekar project.

Fully designed, programmed & branded according to Lesaffre needs.

We have an option to change design & layout numerous times if necessary, e.g. we could use different design for different webinar topic.

Choosing the best streaming tools for our needs. 

Possibility to change and adjust the platform on the go – add or change some elements if campaign asks for it.

Entire content at one place. 

We have the freedom to adjust the design and layout according to the ongoing campaign. The entire content is hosted on our servers and under our control. In that way we avoid any potential problems with 3rd party platform. Numerous possibilities for changes during the project.